I was born in Taiwan, but grew up in both Guangzhou, China, and California. Living in these very different environments has taught me the importance of adaptability, perspective, and understanding. All of which, are important skills that I have brought with me into the world of design.

As a child, I loved working behind-the-scenes in school plays, being the light or music technician, or designing props; I loved doing things that helped the actors on stage shine. The same passion extends to design for me in the present day: I want to help other people, businesses, shine and do better work.

My passion in design is very much about serving and helping people. Challenging problems inspire me, but what really motivates me is being able to simplifying complexity through intentionality, and empowering people.

I hope to design for companies that have a deep appreciation for craft and have a purpose that I can resonate with. In essence, I want to build products where people use what I create as little as possible, achieve as much as they want, and as fast as possible.

"Billy took initiative to include the plan build step in his designs for broker view. Because of this, we have designs to leverage in the near-term for BYB onboarding flow."

Product Manager @ Gusto

"Billy is very thoughtful and attentive both in UXR sessions and in debriefs. … He contributed to the themes discussion for the broker persona with meaningful insights."

UX Researcher @ Gusto

"Billy thrived in the complexity of the benefits domain and embraced the opportunity to work on challenging, impactful workflows."

Design Lead @ Gusto


Berkeley Innovation


Recruit new members + mentor designers

Jan - May 2023

Berkeley Innovation

Project Manager

Sourced 8 clients + improve critique structure

May - Dec 2022

Work Experiences


Product Design Intern

Gusto Benefits - Broker Integration

May - Aug 2022


Product Design Consultant

Mastercard Connect - Contacts

Feb - May 2022

Tara AI

Product Design Intern

Quantifying engineering team alignment

Jan - May 2022


Product Design Consultant

Mortgage Refinance - Mobile Concept

Sep - Dec 2021

Momo.com Inc

UX Design Intern

Mobile E-Commerce - Coupons

Jan - Apr 2021

Shing Yoga

Contract UX Design

Internal Tool - SY CRM

Jun - Jul 2020

© Billy Tseng 2023

© Billy Tseng 2023

© Billy Tseng 2023