I led the redesign of Momo's Coupons feature on their mobile app. I designed a visual refresh and new features to help users better organize and discover coupons. Designs were handed off to engineers to implement and shipped to 9 million+ users.

Team: 1 iOS engineer, 1 Android engineer, 1 product ops, 1 design manager

What is Momo?

Momo is Taiwan's largest e-commerce platform, serving 9 million+ users through their mobile app and website.

What are Coupons?

Coupons is a member feature that provides users with discount opportunities they can use on their purchases. They vary in the type of products they can be used on and have specific timeframes.


The current Coupons feature doesn't provide a consistent experience when compared to other new-released features. Users don't have a way to search and organize the dozens of coupons they have.


Redesign the Coupons feature with updated components and a sort function to help users better organize and discover coupons. Design coupon cards with better visual hierarchy to help users better parse information.

This isn't it!

More information on this project coming soon! This is just a preview, so stay tuned! :)


The new Coupons page was deprioritized due to COVID, but eventually shipped in Q1 2023 with slight design changes to 9 million+ users.

I also shipped plenty of other projects during my time at Momo, such as:

  • Download receipt for company reimbursement

  • Purchase train tickets through Momo

  • Backorder products restock reminder

  • Redesign of reward points


It was my first time working with engineers so I learned a lot about how to communicate and work with them. I made sure to keep them in the loop throughout the entire design process and to communicate edge cases and constraints.

© Billy Tseng 2023

© Billy Tseng 2023

© Billy Tseng 2023